Susan Chaudoir
I was born in Wisconsin but I have journeyed many miles from the land of cheese and home of Lambeau. I have lived in Illinois, Texas, California, Scotland and now Canada. My interests lie in historical sites, glacial landscapes, natural resource management and volunteer engagement in environmental sustainability. Oh, and I’m an ardent bird watcher! 

In 2009, I started an interdisciplinary PhD study in Writing Studies and Higher Education Curriculum at the University of Alberta. I work with two admirable advisors, Professor Marg Iveson, in Secondary Education, and Professor Roger Graves, in Writing Studies. My emphasis is on undergraduate writing assignments in disciplinary contexts using rhetorical genre theory to understand how students learn the genres they are asked to write.

In 2007, I completed a case study in Scotland, with Professor Pete Higgins and Dr. Robbie Nicol, at the University of Edinburgh. During my research, I learned a little Gaelic. “Failte” is Gaelic for “welcome” and I invite you to make yourself at home and browse my web pages.
If you would like further details that you cannot find on my web site, please contact me.
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All photographs by Susan Chaudoir